Photography FAQs

Do you photograph weddings?
Sorry, but I don’t.

I’ve photographed weddings in the past but I haven’t done it for more than a decade. I feel you need to hire someone with lots of recent wedding experience to capture the unforgettable moments of your big day.

Do you have a photo studio?
I don’t, for two primary reasons:

First, I prefer to shoot portraits in outdoor locations or indoors, using natural light from a window. The images you see in my portrait gallery were all shot that way. I just feel these shooting situations make people a lot more comfortable and more natural personality shines through.

Second – and I’m being totally honest here – studio space is expensive and even portable lighting systems take a long time to set up. I’d have to pass on those costs to you, and I don’t want to that.

Will you make me prints even if you give me the CD?
Sure, if you’d like.

I print photos on a matte (non-glossy) photo paper using my Epson 2880 colour inkjet printer. We can always talk about a print or two if you need them, and each one will be priced individually and reasonably.

What happens if I lose my CD? Do you keep my photos, too?
Yes, but not forever, because I just don’t have the space. But I will hold onto them for at least six months after our shoot.

Will you travel to the Greater Toronto Area to take pictures?
Yes, but it has to be worthwhile for both you and me, and I’ll have to pass along extra travel costs to do your shoot.

So depending on what the job is, you may want to choose someone who is closer and won’t have as many incidental costs.

Can you restore old family photos?
Yes, but since I can’t work from the original you’ll need to give me the image on CD.

If you provide a high-quality scan of your photo and what you have in mind, I can give you a sense of how much it will cost. And since I don’t want you to be disappointed I’ll also be honest with you about what kind of magic I can or can’t do.

Can you remove someone from a photo?
Yes, more often than not.

Whether I can remove someone “who’s no longer in the picture” (pardon the pun!) depends on their position in the photo; for example, where they’re standing, who else is close by and if there are people positioned behind them.

But I’ll warn you right now – removing someone is tedious work. It’s hard to get it to look as natural as possible so I have to charge more for this service. It all comes down to how much you want (or need) that person removed.

Since I can’t work from the original you’ll need to give me the image on CD. If you provide a high-quality scan of your photo and who you want extracted, I can tell you if it’s possible and then give you an idea of the cost.

Fees and Rates FAQs

Why don’t you list exact prices for your services?
I thought about creating “package pricing” but it just didn’t feel right.


Because sometimes “packages” can become too “cookie cutter.” I don’t like working that way because to me, the world would be pretty boring if everyone was the same and everything looked the same.

I’d prefer to meet you or talk to you about what you’re looking for, agree to some objectives and then give you a price. I don’t want to spend my time trying to up-sell you on a particular package. I want to spend my time getting to know you and then delivering something that captures the uniqueness of you or your event, home, garden – whatever it is you’d like me to take capture.

Mixed Media Photography FAQs

What is conceptual mixed media photography?
Basically it’s just a big name for a constructed image that starts off as several photos. These photos are then merged together to portray or summarize an idea, subject or concept. It’s often used for editorial purposes and is mostly idea-driven (instead of literal).

Here’s an example:

A magazine working on a story on urban sprawl contacted me. They could have easily used a photo of a new subdivision development for their story, but they thought that was just too plain and ‘expected’.

The story was the feature spread and they wanted something more powerful and more conceptual: something that summed up the idea but was a bit more provocative and made their readers think. So I created this for them.



Do you do any other types of illustration?
No. I specialize in photo-based manipulations and composites created in Adobe Photoshop CS3, CS5 and Lightroom using a Wacom tablet and digital stylus (pen). I’ve always drawn things as a hobby but I’m not a traditional illustrator – I’m far better with a camera and a computer than a pen any day.